YYF Question

Does anyone know where to get the green string that comes stock with YYF yoyos? I really like the length and the color but I’m not sure what type and material it is. Thanks!!!

Well, if you go to YoYoNation.com, you can get strings of different colors. Is this the color you are looking for?:


Unfortunately. they are sold out right now, but if you want to see all of the colors:


Have Fun Throwing,


yeah it looks like that but does anyone know if they will ever get it in stock again or if there is another place to get that kind of string?

well that’s yoyonation highlights. so naturally you aren’t sold anywhere else. but i have found you some green strings at YYG.


if you want to choose something else here.

keep it spinning

Wow i didn’t know that this site existed thanks! ;D