Yyf Plastic replay pro mods?

I’ve already removed the caps, anything else that can be done with it?

Put the caps back on? I don’t know to be honest. Why would you want to mess with plastic perfection? :wink:

Mine is all screwed up so figured why not mess with it. It really was far from my style so when someone asked of it was possible to remove the caps I did and now, figuring I could do more maybe

PM Me if you have a B!ST Tondo F/T

Is yours wobbling a lot or something?


PM Me if you have a B!ST Tondo F/T

Mine was like that when I got it.

Take out the axle or just the nut, and rotate one little turn. Screw it back together and see what happens. Keep doing it a few times and you’ll probably get it. After about 5 tries mine was a lot smoother.

It’s the same thing people did to fhz’s for years.

How did you remove the caps? I’ve tried a suction cup but it doesn’t work. Do I have to pry it out meaning damaging the cap?

There’s little holes under the response pads on the Replay Pro. If you remove the pads you can poke out the caps with a tooth pick or something without damaging them.

That is crazy. Now my head is spinning with different combinations of Replay bodies and caps.

Haha yeah I thought the same when we first got them. I made a clear w/ one pink & 1 blue cap that I really like.