YYF Mystery Box has been revealed ....

The hype for me is real… My (maybe) first mystery box(pack)!!! :smiley:

Check their twitter for proof!

Oh I love blind boxes!!! Must have!

This is great! Time for all the hype and mayhem to begin! Can’t wait to hopefully get a mystery box.

Mystery boxes, waiting for new CZPoint colorways, and Aviator…and a big theme park trip in exactly 2 weeks…time to prioritize things here…already just made a generous purchase the other night with an Elysian, Shu-Ta, and a G Squared Quake.

me too. Not sure what I’m gonna do.

Last mystery box they did was quite sad, actually, unless you won. So, I think I will let someone else have them.

what was the last one?

for the black Friday mystery box the people got a new plastic that wasn’t released (at the time) called the Regen (now on the market). The people of that mystery box however also got a popstar and most weren’t too happy about that.

From what I’ve seen last year (Prague Pack) was a cypher and a popstar. Worlds pack( this one) may have something on that price range

i wouldn’t be to happy with the Black Friday pack either. The cypher pack was good though. Looks like this mystery box will be a metal at least.

Black Friday was regen kendama protstar or shaqlerstar. Not popstar.

Someone should post the twitter post here for those without twitter.

Here’s the link: https://twitter.com/YoYoExpert/status/630153590263402496

im assuming its this

mystery metal + a special edition Replay Pro + some goodies