YYF Loop 1080 vs. 900???

So I know the physical differences between the 1080 and the 900. But from what their descriptions say, the 1080 is basically the newer version of the 900. So my question is… Why are they still the same price!!! ???

good question. I have no reason other than the fact that they CAN sell them at the same price. I don’t 2a so I don’t know if they play the same or not. I’m gonna guess the 900 isn’t really “outdated” and plays just as well as the 1080, so there isn’t any reason to lower the price. if they play just as well as the 1080 then yyf wouldn’t want to lower the price on the 900. if they did people would just buy the 900 and they wouldn’t make any money with the 1080. I’m going to guess that’s the reason. correct me if I’m wrong.