yyf BOSS


Hey, I just got my yyf boss in the mail and i noticed that it only had a k-pad on one side…
There was nothing on the other side but a spot for another one to go.
I just emailed yyexpert about this but i was wondering if any of you knew if its supposed to come that way or not.

(JM) #2

It should be in there. Look in the YYF packaging, and then the box it was shipped in.


I’ve already looked both places.

(JM) #4

I would wait for YYE to contact you then. I’m sure you’ll end up happy.


I’m a bit upset because I just spent 80 bucks on the thing and would have liked to see everything arrive in order…

But I’m sure yye will work everything out in the end…

(Mikey) #6




I just got an email saying sorry for the error and asking for me to give my address so I could get my missing K-pad…

It looks like everything’s been worked out and everybody makes mistakes so no harm done :slight_smile:


glad to hear it has been fixed. this place is great about fixing things. the customer service is just amazing. i hope it all works out and you enjoy your BOSS.

(Marc) #9

oddly enough that happened to me when I bought an 888 last year, weird…