YYF Alta Anybody?

Has anybody played one? Concept seems cool on paper.

@codinghorror described it as a cheaper Edge Beyond, mixed with a Kuntösh. I personally want one, looks a bit narrow tho. The Paolista is my jam, and for $75 YYF’s really competing with other throws for the price.

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Nice! I’m hoping it goes on one of their sales here soon. Migh pick one up.

It is not exactly an edge beyond lite but it is very good.

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Any interest in trading yours?

I rarely do trades but I do give away a lot. I don’t have any duplicate Altas at the moment though.

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ive been wanting one for so long tbh, but its hard for me to get money. I get about 2.6$ every week. It is definitely interesting but i have not tried one yet.