YYF and Yomega for Sale (More Price Drops!)

I’m selling a few throws to buy a bliss. All prices are shipped CONUS.

YYF 1.5 Edge: A single ding on the blue half $52

YYF Pragma: MWB $65

YYF G5: A few light marks but nothing that breaks ano $32

Yomega Prodigy: pretty dinged up $40

YYF Protostar: MWB $15 or buy another yoyo and I’ll throw the protostar in for $10

YYF Loop 1080s 2x: Sold!

$185 takes all of them.


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Pragma and edge are amazing. Probably my favorite YYF i own. Very tempting.

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Both throws are great!

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Im interested in the edge 1.5, but ive reached my daily limit as a new user. Can you pm me?


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