YYF 888-11 the 808 edition for sale only

hey there not going to bother posting a pic of it, if you are intrested please email me at luis6571724@gmail.com. please dont bother me if you are not actually intrested, im a parent with a 96 hour work week time is not one of my luxurys. if your are indeed intrested i will send you pics via email, i currrently have a ceramic koncave on it and i enjoy it very much i imagine you will too, it has some minor dings in it but nothing big and nothing that alters how it plays, i also ahve 2 red dice stacks on it and have replacement silicone pads i will be sending with it when ever i find a buyer, i have 2 novus boxes aswell the red and black yye edition but to get those will be extra. please email me if intrested and i will respond to you as fast as possible.