YYF 2.0: Aluminum Budget Yoyo at $50

 So I'm not sure why this yoyo isn't on the homepage or in the news so I just thought I would share it.  It's called the 2.0 by Yoyofactory and it's an aluminum yoyo at the price of $50.  I found out about this yoyo at the part of the 'shop' where it says 'newest item(s)' and it's third on the list after 'Pro Pack #7 - Ando Pack' and 'One Drop x CLYW Summit'.  They come in a Yoyoexpert edition and a 'rare' Cal States edition.  If you want to find it, go click on the 'shop' (yes, I said click on it, not hover over it) then at the bottom of the page you'l find a section with 'newest item(s) as the title.  ;)
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What’s a yo-yo?

Homie with a studder.

i dont know but it could be a new skill toy?