YYE Trading Cards for Trick DVD?Let's Trade!


Hi, I just placed an order over $200 on here, hoping to get 5 packs of trading cards on that transaction. They must be all out of cards, cause I only got three packs, but they were nice enough to include a YYF Play DVD. I already have that DVD, cause it came with my One yoyo. Long story short, I want to trade the DVD or a Yomega Mania one (I have 2 of those too), or some of the cards that I have doubles for… in exchange for the missing cards in the set that I need. Below are the things I can give up…and the things I need. If you can only give me some of them…we can decide what is a fair trade for them. I’m only interested in mint condition cards…thanks guys.

I have to give:
Gacek Mateusz Ganc, (3 of them)
Tyler Severance, (2 of them)
Krisztian Kaluzsa (2 of them)
Hassan Marialis, (2 of them)
Takeshi Kamisato, (2 of them)
Zannix Kin Kwan Wong (2 of them)
Boyd Seth
Steve Brown (2 of them)
John Narum

YYF Play DVD (3 cards for this)
Yomega Mania DVD (3 cards for this)
Mini Duncan Yo-Yo tricks DVD (2 cards for this)
Little kids yoyo trick book I found in the bookstore (1 card for this)
2 Rubik’s-type cubes brand new (random thing) (6 cards for these)
5 new colored polyester yoyo strings (2 cards for these)

I need:
Ann Connolly
Miguel Correa
Yoshi Mikamoto
Chris Kayatz
Hank Freeman
Vooie (Vu Ho)
Takeshi Matsuura

(system) #2