YYE Should start selling golf clubs

After watching this guy! How is it that some peeps have a monopoly on co-ordination? Go figure.

Yet another skill toy…who knew!

No golf clubs however that is pretty cool but no golf clubs that’s for a sport store not a Yoyo store.

O.K., I’ll admit that I was being facetious. But, I can relate to the golf club kinda being a longer Kendama sans the string.Not to mention all the other elements he exhibits.

Last time I heard sans was in our Shakespeare unit in English…

Good answer,“all the world’s a stage”. It still means “without” according to Willie. LOL

I gotta try that! I do it with baseball bats and tennis balls a bit but that is sick!

idk about YYE starting to carry golf clubs though haha, maybe if people made golf clubs specifically for doing tricks like that guy is doing, but I doubt that will happen anytime soon.

Wouldn’t be much of a golf club then would it. Lol