ywet with red anti-yo side effects?


i dont want your guys negative opinions on the ywet or anti-yo in general… just puttin that out there cuz anti-yo threads can get hectic…

does anyone have an original ywet (yellow and blue one) AND have the red anti-yo side effects? If so could you post a picture? I’d like to see what they look like before i try and get some.


Not meaning to thread jack, but do you know how much they weigh? I’ve wondered that for a while.


I have one but I broke my cellphone’s camara so no pictures, te slck and dri ywets are heavier


does it look good? should i bother getting some for my ywet? or stick with silver?


Sorry for bad quality

YWET par zombieyo, sur Flickr

YWET par zombieyo, sur Flickr

looks ok but I like the silver SE better


ahhh thank you so much!!! i think i really like that! i think im gonna get some red ones when they re available. Thanks a buch it means a lot!!!


Where can you get anti-yo side effects? I really want a pair for my code 2…

Could you pm me with the store name? 'cause Andre doesn’t want us linking to stores on the forums…


here hahaha. theyll be available within the next couple of weeks


awesome thanks.