Yuuki Concepts Help

Ive got all the moves down. But Im having problem keeping the loop open on the second slack, where you catch it with your wrist. The video is on the Caribou Lodge website in the cabin tutorials area. I’ve tried using lighter string, heavier string different throws I just cant keep that loop open. Any help would be great.

Quickie!!! hey…

If your osing nylon string like the one I tried its going to be extremely difficult. Try some plain old poly and it should be so much easier. the nylon moves too fast to catch

RD, whats up brother. Man I have tried every type of string I have, mine and others. I even threw on some kitty for some extra float still no luck. I tried Twisted kevlar, twisted type a, kitty, trixta, snakes. AHHHHHHH lol. I got all the moves down i just cant get that damn loop. Im gonna go study the video again, maybe im missing something. Like I can complete the trick, i just cant catch loop correctly because it wont open.

make sure youre at the right mount before you try to swing the slack. it should look like a funky bucket mount and you should be grabbing the string farthest to your left (if youre a righty). when swinging the slack think of your left hand pointer as the center of a circle. Your left hand pointer should only rotate (pivot) during this trick, not move up or down at all.

When to let go of the slack:

When your yoyo is at the bottom of the circle pinch the string segment. Start rotating the yoyo but do not let go of the slack on your right pointer. Let go of it when your yoyo reaches 1/4 of its rotation. On a clock if would start at a six o’clock position and move to the 9 o’clock position.

Hopefully that helps keep the slack open.

I will try that out bud. I think i need to figure out how to get more slack in my throw hand triangle. My non throw hand triangle seems to be way larger than my TH triangle when in the funky bucket mount. Im gettin there. Ive been working on it for a few days, learned candy slack in about ten minutes bout ten minutes ago lol. idk what the deal is with this

Alright, I got that smack. LOL. I started getting it by just dropping my th triangle and then flipping it. Slack opened right up. After doing that a few times I started getting it full speed.