yu gi oh cards for sell lots of them! need to go mint to new !!!!!!

Hey I have no idea if anyone wants to buy these but I have A LOT of old yu-gi-oh card that I would lot to get off my hands im not going to list all of them because I will be here for days but im going to list the good to best one I have I have lots of magic and spells but I will not list them but I will post pics also almost every card is in mint to new only a few are beat upp also comes with binder card sleves deck box and binder card holder things heres the list also all card are REAL bundle includes all card 500+,deck box, binder, high grade deck sleeves, binder sleeves, playing matt(brand new never used), and official rulebook(never used) any offers please! click the link for pics there are to much to put on this there are 2 pages on photo bucket also im not selling 1 card to 1 person thats pointless of what im trying to do

Blue-eyes white dragon x7
Blue –eyes ultimate dragon x2 (ones gold trimed)
Red eyes b. dragon
Red eyes darkness dragon
The wicked dreadroot(lord card)
Raviel, lord of phantasms (lord card)
Cyber end dragon(part of cyber dragon thing)
Chimeratech overdragon(part of cyber dragon thing)
Proto-cyber dragon(part of cyber dragon thing)
Blue-eyes toon dragon
Rainbow dragon(8 parts only have 7)
Crystal beast = Cb
Cb emerald tortoise(part of rainbow drgon)
Cb amethyst cat(part of rainbow drgon)
Cb ruby carbuncle(part of rainbow drgon)
Cb cobalt eagle (part of rainbow drgon)
Cb amber mammoth(part of rainbow drgon)
Cb sapphire Pegasus(part of rainbow drgon)
Ocean dragon lord-neo daedalus
Umi (magic card to work the Ocean dragon lord-neo daedalus)
Token for lord card x5
Red dragon archfiend
Right arm of forbidden one
Dark eradicator warlock
Sorcerer of dark magic
Pyramind of light(3 parts)
Sphinx teleia( part of pyramind of light)
Andro sphinx ( part of pyramind of light)
Theinen the great sphinx x2 ( part of pyramind of light)
Destiny hero-dreadmaster
Lyla, lightsworn sorceress(supper holo)
Emergency teleport(supper holo)
EH=elemental hero
EH plasma vice
EH hero neos x4
EH spark man x3
EH bladeedge x2
EH wildheart
EH neo bubble man
EH wild wingman
EH clayman
EH lady heat
EH aqua neos
EH mariner
EH shining flare wingman (has laminating on the back of it)
EH neo spacin air hummingbird
EH electrum
EH poison rose
EH flare neos
EH neo spacian grand mole
EH neos alius

Conner, you can’t say you have mint cards, cards and yoyos aren’t the same, you can get a brand new pack of cards and those cards aren’t necessarily mint.

i meant like no bends no creases nothing i keep them in a binder and they look just like when i pulled them outa the pack there are a few cards (from my brothers that have some bends but not alot of them) hope that clears things up

I know what you mean, it’s that some people who collect cards would pay $100 easily for a mint Blue Eyes White Dragon.

oh i get what you man now i didnt get it at first but i understand :o but i got it now thanks ;D