FT/FS:Trading Cards - Get Rid of Them!

I have a stack of almost 100 Yu-Gi-Oh cards for sale. Some pretty good ones. I haven’t looked at them in over a year and would like to clear some shelves.

Chaos Sorcerer- IOC-023 (SOLD)
Mammoth Graveyard- SDY-010
Harpie’s Brother- PSV- 049
Opticlops- LOD-009
x2 Skull Mariner- PSV-092
x2 Flame Champion- PSV-041
Crab Turtle- MRL-069
Petit Dragon- LOB-024
Dark Witch- MRL-019
Roboyarou- LOD-055
Three Headed Geedo- PSV-002
x2 4- Starred Lady Bug of Doom- PSV-088
x2 Steel Ogre of Grotto #2- PSV-001
x2 Wingweaver- PSV- 096
Maharaghi- LOD- 064
Mysterious Guard- LOD-021
Fire Kraken- MRL-014
x2 Giant Soldier of Stone- SDY- 013
Gradius- PSV-089
x2 Spear Cretin- MRL-087
Man Eater Bug- SDY-046
Summond Skull- SDY-004
Mr. Volcano – PSV-044
Stone Ogre Grotto- MRL-058
Ryu-Ran- MRL-070
Darkfire Soldier- PSV-045
x2 Overdrive- PSV-060
Witty Phantom- SDY-017
Trap Master- SDK-044
Invitation to a Dark Sleep- PSV-082
Cyber Falcon- PSV-047
Ancient Lizard Warrior- MRD-050
The All-Seeing White Tiger- PSV-093
Root Water LOB-032
Dragon Piper- MRD-067
Wolf Axewielder- LOD-052
Peacock- MRL-011
Magician of Faith- MRD-036
Neo the Magic Swordsman- SDY-035
Spikebot- PSV-081
Reaper of Cards- LOB-071
Mystical Elf- LOB-062

Trap Cards
The Regulation of Tribe- PSV-027
x6 Attack and Receive- PSV-054
Magic Drain- PSV-071
Ultimate Offering- SDY-050
Earthshaker- PSV-014
x2 Reverse Trap- SDY-047
Reinforcements- SDY-031
x2 Armored Glass- PSV-019
Infinite Dismissal- PSV-072
Two-Pronged Attack- SDY-028
Shift- PSV-067
x2 Light of Intervention- PSV-031
Type Zero Magic Crusher- PSV-074
Enchanted Javelin- PSV-015
Solemn Wishes- PSV-055
x2 House of Adhesive Tape- MRL-064
Fiend Comedian- LOD-098
Numinous Healer- PSV-023
Gamble- PSV-053
Respect Play- PSV-032
Driving Snow- PSV-018

Magic Cards
Paralyzing Potion- MRD-137
x2 Burning Land- PSV-061
Inspection- PSV-038
x2 Insect Imitation- PSV-068
Limiter Removal- PSV-064
Spring of Rebirth- LOD-076
Ground Collapse- PSV-070
Dimensionhole- PSV-069
Upstart Goblin- MRL-033
x2 7 Completed- PSV-004
Cold Wave- PSV-062
Ancient Telescope- SDK-039
Fissure- SDK-032