Yoyospirit's Powder Coats and Mods Thread

(Jerrod) #21


(From the cranky old folks home) #22

I was thinking Anti_Yo Slip Matte.

(rizkiyoist) #23

Are these translucent ones (also) painted? I can’t really tell… it looks somewhat like ano but also seems paint"y".


The translucent throws look amazing!!


Powder coated, not painted.


Damn, you have some great work. How thick is a powdercoating?


Not too thick. It’s not enough that it’ll add noticeable weight.


amazing stuff, that red chief is insane!


Anti-Yo Bapezilla.2 in textured black

Anti-Yo Bapezilla.2 in anodized purple

VsNYYC Skywalker in textured black

Yoyorecreation Draupnir in white

And for the finisher…

CLYWxOD Summit in GITD White


you’re making me want a purple yoyo now. great job with all of these nice throws


Nicely done on that Draupnir!


YoyoJam Trinity in translucent blue.

GSquared Albatross in white with trans blue cups. Done for a friend. Picture is taken by Tim Chinn.

Duncan Freehand MG in white/pink.


Thanks! Funny story, the rings actually fell off haha. This was a b grade though, so I’m assuming thats why. After I glued the rings back on, the Draupnir became much smoother!


Aw man! It’s been so long! I don’t know where to start! Gonna do this in separate posts! Let’s go!

So here’s the first large project I’ve done. Powder coated 15 original Anti Yo YWETs for a suicide awareness fundraiser. Done in purple/white at Tyler Severance’s request as tribute to his late brother Danny. The fundraiser was a huge success! The YWETs sold instantly and raised the $1000 needed!

I didn’t charge for the powder coating, and as a kind gesture he let me keep the leftovers! Picked out the smoothest ones for the fundraiser, but these were pretty good as well. Gave away a few.


Played around with a light box as well! I know you’re not supposed to capture the edges of the box, but it seemed to add a nice touch!

Here’s that pink MG, that is now black. Couldn’t stay on one color!

Polished Arctic Circle

Turning Point Maxbet and Leviathan 2

And CLYW Chief


Here’s some more random stuff.

Decided to add a little touch to my Peak!

Sturm Panzer Leo Sniper (Hated doing this one)

Sturm Panzer Ogre Eclipse (This one was awful too)

CLYW Chief in translucent purple with glitter. Wish I wasn’t too lazy for a shot in the sun!

VsNYYC Flying Hut

Duncan Barracuda

Wooly Markmont


Here’s a couple of mods!

Got another Duncan MG! This time powder coated white, and complete with caps by John Higby! Funny story with this one. The threads on this guy stripped not too long after I got it, then I screwed up by drilling the hole for the helicoils too larger (lost the right drill bit). The result was the yoyo was left pretty much unusable. Decided this would be a good time to try using externally threaded inserts again! I ended up tapping the yoyo for a M8x1.25 sized threading for a M4x0.7 insert. After cutting the inserts down so the spacers would sit flat, I powder coated the yoyo again to hide the inserts. The project turned out perfect! Plays no different from before, and can be tuned to have no vibe. Huge bonus is the threading will never strip considering the inserts are stainless steel! Wish I got some shots of the inserts before I cut them down.

Traded for beat up Anti Yo Fluchs and a beat up Bapezilla. Kinda over traded haha, had a lapse in judgement and traded a Draupnir for both haha. I couldn’t really do anything with the Bape. The Fluchs however, looks fine enough to work on. Had a lot of vibe, which can be attributed to the bearing seat (or lack of). First I cut down a Buzzon SPR and cut the yoyo to accept it, then I tapped the hole to 1/4-32 to accept an externally threaded insert so the axle size would be 8-32, perfect fit for the spacers. Cut those down, and cut a silicone recess as well. Finally, stripped the worn anodize and getting ready to powder coat.

Here are the inserts I used. To put the size of the external threading of these in perspective, Anti Yo used 1/4-20 sized threading for their yoyos such as the Eetsit, Bape, Fluchs, and Business. Both of the external threading I used on these two yoyos were larger.



Really impressive work, Wesley!


Thank you! Will you be at MA states?


I wish I could, but I’m out in California for a couple weeks. Hope it’s a blast!