Yoyospirit's Buy/Sell/Trade Thread: Dingo!

Il take Aoda for 40

Please just keep the offers to pms.

Ok, just the Hellfire FH2 left! Price reduced to 25$ shipped!

Free bump for an awesome modder

Thanks! And I might be adding a polished G Funk here maybe tomorrow!

whats the purpose of the "smoove ring? always wondered that.

Nothing really in my opinion, but it sure looks cool!

Bump! Hspin Cut added!

Bump, would trade the Hspin Cut for any 2 Qixia metals and 5$!

Bump. Would trade either yoyo for side effects.

bumpity bump bump bump bump bumpity bump

Mullicabob does a bang up job…

Now looking for a DNS plus five bucks cause I hate paying for shipping :stuck_out_tongue:

Bump! Buy the Pyro for 20 shipped!

Ba dump tsss!

Will trade for a C sized bearing MIB Yomega Dash and MIB Maverick.

Bump! Avalanche sold!

bump so i can find it later :slight_smile:

BUMP Some one buy this! I need a Hex!!!

Edit: Sorry for this post! meant to send you a pm i’m on my phone :frowning: