Looking for various things!

(Y) #1

Here’s my current wishlist: (I can definitely pay for some of the more basic things in it if you want to sell)

One Drop Novus box
General Yo Magnum
Original One Drop Project box (fade to jade would be great if those exist!)
Mint bluegrass fade 54
Mint obsidian Markmont Next
Other One Drop fades
Vs. Newton Yoyos (probably not a Skywalker though)
Mint blue Dolphin
Green/Yellow/Blue Code 1 Side Effects
Blue/Green/Yellow/Purple spike Side Effects
Titanium yoyos I don’t already have

Here are a couple yoyos I’m definitely trying to sell: (I can send plenty of pictures upon request!)

-One Drop subterranean Burnside (No damage. With box. Hoping for $65)
-One Drop nickel plated Downbeat (No damage. With box. Hoping for $65)

I’m in pretty bad need of money, so I’m potentially going to sell my orange Galactic Goose (scuff on each rim and no box) and potentially trade/sell my navy Octavia, but not at this exact moment. Stay tuned though if you’re interested in those.

Thank you very much for looking and please ask me for anything you need!

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