YoyoSkills.com wacked out to 1999?

Just got a chunk of new YoyoSkills articles in my RSS feed, ranging from “Tiger to release more Pokemon Yo-Yos” to “H-Spin Handquake 1.4b details come out”, which are from 1999. I took a look at the site, and found this:

It’s complete with old articles, 90’s .gifs, and mouse tracking floating eyeballs.

I’m under the impression that YoyoSkills has been hacked and rolled back to this. I wouldn’t suggest going to the site in case something malicious is intertwined.

EDIT: Real funny Chris, you got me.

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I would suggest it has something to do with the date.


Oh son of a-

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all those ancient websites in the blog roll

The geocities style explosion gift

This is awesome.


This article the end it is awesome

This was a good lark.

Usually I’m on my game on April Fools, this time around I’m the posterboy of falsehood.

Good game Chris.


love the song on the left side bar! Brings me back to the 90’s! Good times…


Now I know what I’m going to be reading updates for all day.

Creative genius. Well done Chris. :slight_smile:

hahaha awesome. I love this.

lol the “first” entry from early 1999…

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“Powered by comic sans and teenage mutant ninja turtles.”


GG, Chris. Well played.
Your turn, Steve.


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oh man…

What if u take a 5a yoyo and add a weight that can move along the string in between the counterweight and the yoyo… It wouldn’t play like the astrojax but u could do cool things with 2 weights and enough speed… Just a thought

btw, lets get back to the topic.

Love this!!!

Ah the beginning of April