Yoyoskills "Best of" awards 2012


Who will you guys be nominating for the awards this year?? There will be some close competition this year, so post here who you will be nominating. Personally, my vote goes to:

Yoyo Country of the year- Japan

Yoyo Player Team of the year- Yoyojam

Yoyo Company of the year- CLYW

New manufacturer of the year- DEADLY SpINS

Yoyo of the year- Cascade

Video of the year- Graeme Steller | Providence http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XODzHhU1SIU

Freestyle of the year- Andrew maider National yoyo contest

Contest moment of the year- Zach wins nationals

Outstanding player of the year- Andrew maider

Rookie player of the year- Erik bjork


Yoyo country of the year: Canada
Yoyo player team of the year: CLYW
Yoyo company of the year: One Drop
New Manufacturer of the year: DEADLY SpINS
Yoyo of the year: Code 2
Yoyo video of the year:

Freestyle of the year:

Contest moment of the year: Hiroyuki Suzuki wins Worlds… AGAIN
Outstanding Player of the year: Zach Gormley
Rookie Player of the year: Harrison Lee


yoyo of the year is the cascade. I don’t care what anyone else says.


I have the Code 2 and the Cascade. I prefer the Code 2. Just my preference.


but the cascade has been the single most anticipated yoyo this year


Harrison Lee isn’t under 12


NO. I disagree with everything you have said. The Cascade is nothing special. Nothing new. I think the best yoyo released this year is the Irony JP. People have been saying it tops some of the BEST Yoyorecreations. There was not much hype for the Cascade, as compared to some other yoyos. The Code 2 had more hype.


Really? I thought he was 12. And if he was 12,  I thought that counted.

(SR) #9

YoYo Country of the Year

YoYo Player Team of the Year
Team CLYW, stepping up in the contest ranks thanks to people like Zach

YoYo Company of the Year
CLYW, most hype for yoyos I’ve ever seen. Tons of new throws and great releases this year.

New Manufacturer of the Year
Deadly Spins, for their “Wrath” yoyo.

YoYo of the Year
One Drop Code 2

Video of the Year
Friendly Fire by Andrew Maider

Freestyle of the Year
Zach Gormely 2012 National YoYo Contest

Contest Moment of the Year
Paul Kerbel of YYF

Outstanding Player of the Year
Zach Gormely

Rookie Player
Ty Goldman, Team General Yo

(G2 Jake) #10

Country: Japan
Team: CLYW
Company: undecided
New Manufacturer: G Squared
YoYo: Albatross
Video: ghosts of the city
Freestyle: Zachs Nats
Player: undecided
Moment: Zach winning nats
Rookie: undecided


I wouldn’t agree with that. I think the Puffin had more hype.

(Zammy Ickler ) #12

Yoyo country of the year: USA
Yoyo player team of the year: Yoyojam
Company of the year: Onedrop
New Manufacturer: G-Squared
Yoyo of the year: Onedrop Cascade
Video of the year: Paul Dang Cascade promo. Over 400k views!!
Freestyle of the year: Zach Gormley Nats 2012
Outstanding player of the year: Andrew Maider
Yoyo moment of the year: Zammy getting trick innovator of the year award.
Rookie of the year: Eric Bjork

(ed) #13

so you’re hoping to get some recognition… for that time you got immense recognition?
that’s… meta.

right now i lean…
country: czech
yoyo of the year: i’ve only played one, so…
new company: i like the way square wheels look.
fs: zach’s nats or shu’s worlds
video: jason lee - legendary (or history… man. both incredible)
yoyo moment: sebby’s alt. freestyles at worlds
outstanding player: drew tetz

i really have to think more about the other categories, about some of which i’m obviously biased.


Funny, me and yours are almost identical.  Same country, same yoyo, etc.


Yoyo Country of the year- Czech

Yoyo Player Team of the year- CLYW

Yoyo Company of the year- CLYW

New manufacturer of the year- Square Wheels Yo Yo Company (no doubt)

Yoyo of the year- ‘Eh’ or the Puffin

Video of the year- Jason Lee - Legendary

Freestyle of the year- Zach’s National’s FS

Contest moment of the year- Zach wins nationals

Outstanding player of the year- Zach Gormley

Rookie player of the year- Michael Stecz - I dunno if this counts - but he’s still not sponsored - so he gets my vote

I think my biases are showing…


Yoyo Country of the year - USA

For the entirety of this year, I think it’s quite evident that the United States have had the largest impact on yoyoing. Despite the fact I’m from the United States, here are a few examples of how the US has changed yoyoing:
  -Ed Haponik’s one year pledge to fixed axle has revived classic yoyoing
  -Innovation Movement has opened the eyes of the world in motivating players to be more creative and unique
  -YoYoFactory has toured America in an effort to promote modern yoyoing
  -USA yoyo manufactures continue to be the top sellers

Yoyo Player Team of the year - CLYW

Normally I’d pick YYF for this one, but, contest rankings aside, I think CLYW’s players have had an incredible impact on yoyoing this year. Zach winning Nats inspired and surprised the world, and I think you’d be hard pressed to find a yoyoer who didn’t feel any motivation to yoyo after watching his freestyle. Also, CLYW has, in one year, picked up some INCREDIBLE talent. CLYW’s players also are some of the most creative players in the sport. In the last year, yoyoing has been better because of CLYW’s players.

Yoyo Company of the year - One Drop

Now before you all go calling me out for being biased, chill out and listen. One Drop has consistently supported the community in the best way they can. CODE2 gave the community a chance to pitch the yoyo of their dreams to be made for public sales. CODE3 gave players an opportunity to showcase their creativity in a high traffic environment. Additionally, One Drop continues to make yoyos for something like ten other companies, while simultaneously successfully running their own business. I don’t think I’ve ever talked to David or Shawn without them telling me they were having a busy day, and it’s the truth. David and Shawn are ALWAYS working hard to do what they can for the community. If that means helping other yoyo manufacturers to make some of their designs, they’ll do it. If they have to give away a couple yoyos to promote communal creativty, they’ll do it. If they have an opportunity to teach the community how to make a yoyo, they’re all over it. I think One Drop has held their standard for excellence all year, and they’ve undoubtedly made the community a better place.

New manufacturer of the year- sOMEThING

In their first year Mickey’s created a world championship winning yoyo. That speaks for itself. His success is undeniably great.

Yoyo of the year - Cascade

Again, all biases aside, the Cascade is a freaking good yoyo. You can ask any pro player, and regardless of sponsorship or affiliation, chances are the cascade is one of their favorite yoyos. I haven’t used another yoyo since I got my prototype in June… JUNE.

Video of the year - COMPOSE

God this is such a great video. Press play.

Freestyle of the year - Gentry Stein Worlds 2012

Gentry all year has been hard at work to prove himself as yoyoer with unique style. At worlds, I remember how hard he worked on this freestyle, and his new creativity and effort should not go unnoticed. Meanwhile, Gentry continues to be a large, kind presence in the community. There’s not one unkind bone in his body, and he deserves that recognition.

Contest moment of the year - Zach Gormley winning Nationals for 1A

Me and Isaac Sams began watching this freestyle with our voices fully functional, and three minutes later we couldn’t even whisper a word. We had screamed and yelled to the extend that our voices seemed nonexistant. This is, and Zach is, one the greatest things that could have happened to yoyoing.

Outstanding player of the year - Isaac Sams

Isaac has the smoothest, coolest, most interesting tech tricks. He’s also pushed several envelopes in only a year’s time. His first contest victory was also Triple Crown, an incredibly competitive competition. He is, along with Zach, undoubtedly the future of yoyoing.

Rookie player of the year - Erik Bjork

Erik is the coolest. He gives back to the community with competitions. He’s a good soul, and he’s incredibly good at yoyoing. He’s been yoyoing for something like two years and already is making stuff up that competes with some of the biggest names today.


You and I are remarkably similar, Adam.

Yoyo Country of the year- Czech

Yoyo Player Team of the year- CLYW

Yoyo Company of the year- CLYW

New manufacturer of the year- I’m too biased to vote on this.

Yoyo of the year- Puffin

Video of the year- Ed Haponik - Play Simply

Freestyle of the year- Anthony Rojas - Nationals '12

Contest moment of the year- Zach Gormley wins Nationals.

Outstanding player of the year- Zach Gormley

Rookie player of the year- “Under the age of 12 that has gained sponsorship” is a huge qualifier and eliminates a lot of the kids I feel stepped up this year. Either way I think Harrison Lee qualifies and would get my vote.