YoyoSki Timberwolf

Hey everyone, I’m here today to review another yoyo I am lucky to own thanks to my sponsor Yoyoski. The yoyo is called the Timberwolf and was designed around a few yoyos that have the specs and profiles of throws we thought were great for casual, competition, and other styles such as 3a and 5a. Now that you know a bit about what this yoyo is, I would like to add that the original prototype was made and brought to contests as well. We allowed some friends and other contestants to try out the yoyo, and we made some appropriate changes to make this a great playing yoyo for anyone. Lets get into the review now, starting off with Specs.


Diameter - 56mm
Width - 47.5mm
Weight - 67 grams (The prototype other throwers tried before this model weighed at 63g)
Gap - 4.5mm
Response - 19mm pads


The yoyo has a organic bell shape. Not nearly as drastic as the Too Hot or Adegle PSG, but a mellow bell shape that is great for grinds. The inner hub is rounded off and has a long spike in the middle. Testers of the Timberwolf appreciated the spike being there for matador style tricks, as it is more pointy and precise compared to the spikes on SPYY yoyos. It is like a freshly sharpened pencil compared to something like a magic marker tip. The Timberwolf has a curved off wall, I’ll explain how this is helpful later. The Pre Pro models that are available now come in a matte black, which has a gun metal grey tint to it. In the sun you can see a hint of purple too, which is cool.


This yoyo was tested and was given feedback / criticism which helped Yoyoski create a more powerful, fun, and overall playable throw. The prototype wolf did have a flat high wall which made rejections a bit tricky, so we decided to curve it off, creating a better experience for rejections, and more forgiving on horizontal play; elements most commonly found in more advanced play today. The wolf weighed 63g when it was in the testing process. Everyone seemed to enjoy the play of the yoyo, and their only main criticism was the tilty, lightweight body that significantly sacrificed spin times. We changed this. We added another 4 grams to the rims, resulting in a solid yet nimble, smooth spinning, and all around great performing yoyo any thrower can enjoy. It is a wide, hard spinning yoyo that can handle most tricks modern throwers can throw at it.

Overall conclusion

The Yoyoski Wolf is Yoyoski’s first yoyo that turned out to be a wonderful playing throw that anyone can enjoy. It was tested by throwers and we built the Wolf around their criticism and feedback.

To buy one messgae Vincent Stepien on Facebook and he will help you buy one.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions PM me or message Vincent on Facebook.


Nice review, the yoyo actually sounds pretty cool.

Thanks, it’s an awesome throw, and there are some B-Grades available for only 65 :slight_smile:

I’m starting to think the trend is going extra wide now…
Nice review !

Yeah man wide yoyos a good for competition

Thanks :slight_smile: