Yoyosam Tryouts


I havnt been posting videos in a while so I made this!
Hope you guys enjoy ;D ;D


Phenom or phenomizm?
great vid btw ;D


phenom. i can tell


Phenom indeed and thank you ;D ;D



The song choice wasn’t amazing but it worked.

You make awesome srs faces hahahahaha


Nice vid man


HAHA ikr! When i first saw the video i was laughing because of my face reactions lol.



um. foo fighters are always amazing! i like seeing vids that don’t use hip hop or electronica.


Foo Fighters are totally amazing haha! I like my vid too haha.


I’m not trying to hate on bands…

I just find rock music rarely works for yoyo videos. I know the community gets plagued with hip-hop, dubstep, techno, dance, house, whatever you dislike… But there’s a reason for it. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s hard to find rock music to go with yoyo stuff but it does exist, I’ve seen it done.


Yes very understandable; the only reason i picked this song is that its the only one i could remember that has quite a length to the song. I really don’t focus of the song really going with the video, but in future videos ill be looking forward to do that.