Yoyos with attitude


If a yoyo had an attitude or personality (which it seems like they sometimes do) what would it be? Here’s an example:
Yoyojam Speed Maker: “Though I may be light, and I may be cheap, don’t underestimate me. I pack a punch in my narrow, hybrid response package.When you get me moving, I can really fly! Not to mention I can play just as smooth as some of those pricier bad boys out there.”

What do you think your yoyos’ personalities are like?

(M.DeV1) #2

C3 H5

“Big tank coming through ready for long stable spins with a huge wide gap having no trouble landing every trick and blasting through every combo with enough spin to spare!”


YYJ XCon Pro:

Do it right, and I will reward you. Do it wrong, and I ain’t gonna do it.

This yoyo makes you improve your throw and punishes you when you don’t throw properly. Undersized, big on attitude and fantastic and making you improve your game.

Square Wheels Royale:

Aptly named. Stays on axis, stays smooth and stable, generous on bad throws, amazing on good throws, grinds, matador play, hops, 1A, 5A, and at least mine looks amazing. Always looking to take the high road, as if it’s cut from “the best of the best” and can “make amazing things happen with that it’s provided with”.

sOMEThING Jet Set and Jet Set EC:

Makes you feel like you’re playing with the best of the best, jet-setting with the top players with these super stable and smooth 4A throws. Welcome to the A-list people, because this is the way to live!



(M.DeV1) #5

ILYY Noctu: Imma cut ju if yu mess wit me.


YYF Superwide.-I’m fat!


C3 alpha crash- play your cards right and I can get you to your crown.


I imagine if the Cliff had a personality, it’d be a lot like The Dude from The Big Lebowski.



Imma cut ju so bad you didn’t even know you got cut so bad.


The Big Yo is the huge guy who lacks brains but has a big heart.


The token is that annoying six year old neighbor who can run faster than you, and yet you always race them.

(WildCat23) #12

Evil Yo. Makes you perfect your throw. Very rewarding.


C3 dark sonic is like an over achiever that never gets recognized.


General yo torrent: I’m better than you! I am big heavy and smooth!

PSG: why do you need that hundred dollar throw to carry around when I am all you need? Plus I pack a punch !

Legacy 2: hi I am the teacher for you to learn! Wait oh you can do Brent stole? Then nevermind…


Yyf counter attack- I can do anything you throw at me, wait what? you play fast ?well screw you then.

Yyf popstar- I hate you

C3 Dibase- you don’t need some fancy 100+ yoyo to learn just get me and I will do as you please.

Duncan FHZ- just mod me and I can play decent or at best.

Yyj dark magic- beginner, pro or master I will do any thing you ask, except maybe finger spins

Bist square yo- I’m a special little snow flake

Clyw Fg avalanche- what is vibe?

C3 alpha crash- I will do everything like a fancy metal, to competitions to learning trick but wait you want to grind well I can’t do that pal.


All yoyorecreation: 私は日本の武士忍午前



C3 BTH, " RAWR!!! I will never die! THIS IS SPARTA!"

(M.DeV1) #18

Lost it at this.


What throw is that?


These two made me crack up. :smiley: