Yoyos to trade !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hav a YYF ONE a YYF Northstar and a YYF DV888.
Im open to any offers.
DV888 Traded
It has some nicks and dings. There is only one bad ding.
That pic has most of the messups. the rest might have a flat spot or two.
It is pretty dinged up but it doesnt have much vibe. it has some though.
It has a one drop 10 ball in it.

Northstar Traded
Has minor dings. I think i got the worst one one the picture
The line up arrows wore off from use. This is my everyday throw that i take to school so it has lots of use but it doesn’t look bad…
The pics don’t have response pads but i just put some in it.
Its got a lot of scratches but nothing that hampers performance.
Heres all the bearings together…http://i.imgur.com/nXRNUWj.jpg
Im open to trades and offers. Money MUST go through Paypal. Please pm for offers and trades.

Oh something i forgot… being i have no feedback i can ship before someone who does have feedback.

Pm u

i also have a duncan bumblebee to trade i can post a picture if you want one

Traded the Northstar and DV888 :slight_smile:

This guys a great seller I’ve felt with him awesome guy