Yoyo's in Hong Kong

Not really off topic, but not deserving a thread in any other section.

So my mom’s in Hong Kong, we were on skype, and shes all like “Hey, at Jusco, there are yoyofactory yoyos.” I think it’s pretty cool how they are just in normal, non-specialty stores! Jusco is kind of like walmart or target in the US. Wouldn’t it be cool if they just stocked higher-end yoyos?

They could be fast 201 or something like that. But to would be cool if the were actually good yoyos. It is kind of cool too that your mom recognizes yyf yoyos.

She said metal. =D About 300 HKD, so about $40. YYF budget metals? Told her to go and copy down some of the names to see if there was anything good.

Hong Kong? YYF? Where?

Wan Chai? CSW?