hey everyone, need some cash right now and have too many yoyos i dont use enough. I’m willing to negotiate, just don’t lowball me. not looking for trades. Paypal only.

Spyy Pro

Great yoyo, would be willing to keep it. has one ding that goes through metal and a few very small marks, plays like new. 70 shipped.

YYF Skyline

Again, a yoyo I wouldn’t mind keeping. has quite a few dings that hardly effect the play. i think it has a 10 ball in it if that matters at all. 60 Shipped.

YYF Prepro DNA

Kills me to sell this but i dont use it enough. has some dings but plays perfect. 60 Shipped


MIB, opened once from the bottom and put right back in. 35 shipped


Beat. also a b-grade. still an awesome player though. 35 shipped

That’s it. Again, i’ll negotiate just message me and we’ll talk.

come on, no one wants this stuff?

yuuksta looks like its gone.

rest still available.