Yoyos FS (Quest, Burnside, Set Sail, and more)

Each have suggested price and general damage in there description. Additional pics and or video can be sent to show damage and such upon interest. PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING WITHIN CONTINENTAL US. Will consider trades but money is truly the primary objective. Payment via PayPal with buyer paying the 3% or gifted.

LINK TO PICTURES(not in order):

YoYoJam Quest: Near Mint (I can’t find any damage); Lateral Caps installed (can be removed); Very Slight vibe:

One Drop Burnside: Smooth; Few nicks:

Radical Seas Set Sail: Some small nicks and a decent nick; Completely Smooth:

RecRev i : Sanded Rims and a few scuffs; Smooth:

YoYoFactory Luis Genesis (Orange 69.5g version): Few scuffs; Smooth:

YoYoFactory Metal Replay: Mint (thrown maybe 30 min); Smooth:

YoYoFactory 888: Beat; Smooth (magically); no hubstacks:

Turning Point Positron: Few Scuffs; Smooth:

sOMEThING by YoYoAddict Phaser: Smooth; Quite a bit of 3A damage: $OLD

YoYoRecreation Dreadnought: Very near mint; one ano break pictured; Completely Smooth; Never taken apart:

One Drop X CLYW Summit: Sanded Rims and a few nicks; Smooth:

YoYoFactory Too HOT: Near Mint;  One small nick; Super Smooth:

YoYoFactory 888 Powder Coated: Smooth; no hubstacks:

YoYoJam Theory: Few Scuffs; Smooth:

YoYoFactory HOT (Original): Vibes (4/10 vibe); Extremely small visible damage; Plays very well still:

PS. Sanding jobs are not mine so I do not know amount of material potentially removed but they do not affect play.

LINK TO PICTURES(not in order):



Summit sold

Feeling generous cause of finals week so another price drop!

Yo, can you PM me photos of the Positron? (Outside lighting, side view, and don’t put on string in both these photos please) VERY interested in it, specially the price :slight_smile:

BUMP Things sold

Bump. Positron gone