Yoyos for sale, Cloudberry, Peregrine, Iceberg, Big Dipper, Impulse

All yoyos are NMTBS and include Box (Cloudberry has the tiniest of marks that I didn’t realize existed until inspection. Don’t recall it ever touching anything but string. Close up pics available upon request.) Prices listed include shipping (in USA) and paypal G&S. Big Dipper and Impulse are add on only. Buy multiples and you get an add on for free if still available.

From Left to Right:

  • iyoyo iceberg (classic version) - 35
  • CLYW Metal Yeti - SOLD
  • YYF Space Cowboy - SOLD
  • Atmos Cloudberry - 75
  • Throwing Sideways Sistine - SOLD
  • OD Legendary Terrarian - SOLD
  • yoyofriends Peregrine - 85
  • CLYW Big Dipper - 15
  • Topyo Impulse - 15


Bump for price drop.

I am interested, and have a few questions for you, so I’m going to pm you.

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I tried to DM you but I just opened my account so I am not allowed to. I am interested in the Iceberg, and the Impulse, if you could possibly message me.

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Just read a few more topics and you’ll get that feature.

Got it now, Thanks.

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