Yoyos for sale and trade. Lf: kuntosh, top deck, compass, 7 summits

My FG scout for your top deck or kuntosh? PM me! It’s Moss Man Splat.

Lf: top deck, compass, kuntosh, 7 summits (for all clyw: FG is a plus and nice colorways are a double plus), YYR diffusion, Cabal, or cash. But Im open to all offers

Please PM for detailed description and pictures

Top three (Nickel MMC GONE, Chief, FG Scout) will only be traded towards one of my wants listed above.

Next up Deadly spins Wrath and Pride (both amazing yoyos. Check them out if you haven’t heard of the company).

G2 Albatross (gone) and YYO Kilter 2.

And a DV888 and a bunch of plastics including DM2 (gone) and FH0.

I also have a SPYY Pro and some fixed axles (mandala 3-in-1 gone) not pictured. US deals preferred. Thanks for looking!

*all YYJ traded!
MMC, Albatross, and 3-in-1 traded