Yoyonews #trickcircle: Instagram clips & trick theory

hey, hip kids!

y’all read yoyonews.com, right? today we started up a new series called #trickcircle in which we round up our favorite instagram yo-yo clips and post 'em all in one spot for your convenience. as an added bonus, it gives me an opportunity to blabber on a bit about trick theory and why these tricks are great. you should go check it out!

any feedback is appreciated, but i hope you dig it! we’re always looking to showcase new faces, so make sure and tag your instagram yo-yo clips with #trickcircle for a chance to make it in next week’s column. follow @yoyonews and @yoyoexpert while you’re at it…

Really enjoyed that! Some great tricks and gave me a few more throwers to follow.

LOVE that compilation! Thanks for putting that together!

round 2 featuring john ando, malcolm chiu, and more. this round notably has our first mini-interviews: the ever-luminous mark mangarin & yuji shimokawa kelly. read it, fools!