Is #trickcircle still where it's at?

So guys, I’m nothing if not out of the loop on social networking. Myspace is still big right? #thosewerethedays

However, after 2 years of pretty solid practising, I feel like I’m ready to jump into the video making and #trickcircle fray and see if I can’t bring my A-game… or C- game as the case my be…

However, for all I know, trickcircle is old news and now #trickoblong is the place to be. I know very little about the trickcircle so I’m not sure whether it’s popularity has waned in recent years or whether it’s still going strong.

So, anyone who’s instagram savvy (I check CLYW/OD/YYF on the daily, but that’s about it), can you give me a heads up of where all the ‘cool kids’ are? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, feel free to hit up your instagram tags here, as I’d love to follow my fellow forum-ees and see what y’all can do. ;D

If your interested, then here’s one of my trickcircle’s ;D

I am indeed! That was sick, especially that flashy little triangle at the end. Watched it a couple of times and still don’t fully understand how it appears so quick. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a big fan of #trickcircle and still use it for all my clips on Instagram ( @adam_e_brewster FYI)

I do also see a bit of #trickmemo from high-level players too - so be sure to check that one out also! :slight_smile:


Follow me at Anthony_villa1200
I’ll follow back! :smiley:

Show us what you got Gambit!


i have a few on mine, i will probably post a few more tomorrow
@jvyoyoer if you want to follow me, i follow back if you are a yoyoer! lol

as far as others that you should follow, here are a few off the top of my head…

franco torres a fellow kansan @therealfrancotorres

adrien velez is 5th in the midwestern usa. nuff sed. @yung_adrien i believe

ricardo fraolini @blablanchard

ky zizan. INSANE 1a. @rgtherotator

Thanks man, I really appreciate it.

I have an IG link in signature.

Thanks for the reminder. I really need to start doing #trickcircle roundups on YoYoNews again.


Huzzah! This is good news! I always used to love looking through those roundups. :smiley:

I’m live and kicking! @gambit_throws

I shall be following you all shortly. Feels good to be in the circle mayyyne. :smiley:

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Yall know who I am.


Bring it Gambit!

I have a couple things up on my my account, it’s @yoyowoodchuckguy.

@thjtucker I post yoyo stuff every once and a while.