Daily YoYo where we can all share our tricks


If you have a favorite or one of your awesomeness tricks you want people to see send your clips to officialdailyyoyo@gmail.com and it need to be 15 second max so I can post it on Instagram @dailyyoyo on Instagram to see awesome YoYo videos thanks hope to see you guys tricks on there!

({RTD} alecto) #2

sounds like a new kind of 365yoyotricks…

ill be sure to send some when i get a new camera.


Same thing here




you could just have people use a hashtag you choose your just the @dailyyoyo… and then repost them with one of those apps.

or like kadabrium said with less words

(Former National 4A Champion) #6

yeah, #trickcircle is already what you’re saying, except no file transferring.