YoyoJam SFX

I just ordered my new YYJ SFX, and I was wondering if anyone knew the sleep time. Also Does anyone know if it plays well with whips and slacks? I wonder because my style has a ton oh that kinda stuff! :wink:

the sleep time can be anything and yes its good for your stile

Sleep time doesn’t matter.

Well, if it fits your preferences. I think it would be great for you. And with a good throw, I’m sure you can at least get 5 minutes out of it. :wink:

The sfx is really good for style

Laxdude try typing more than 4 words per reply.

My SFX came in the mail today. This is my first foray into the world of unsresponsive, so my opinions might not count for much, but this yoyo makes my current stock of tricks seem inadequate for the stability and and spin time it affords. I never did barrel rolls with my FHZ, but I can easily do it with my SFX. It isn’t smooth and fast, but I can do it. I can see a lot of tricks opening up for me, and stability and time to think my way through them are exactly what I need. A lot of throws could have provided me with the same luxuries. From what I’ve heard, modding my FHZ could have afforded me the same luxuries. Nevertheless, this white and silver thing on the end of a string is pretty cool.