Yoyojam Original Hitman & XCON Darkstar For Sale


Original Hitman all black $35, Scratch & Crack free (inspected under caps).
XCON Darkstar is black $35. Scratch & Crack free (inspected under caps).

Unused Yo Yo Case $15

For sale only. I can do paypal. Ship cost will be cheap.


Now I’d personally be interested about cracking since I’ve yet to see an x-con that didn’t crack


I have not been on scene for a while. Clearing out the basement.

XCON Darkstar has zero cracks. It’s never touched the ground. It did not see much play.


I have a pearlescent white one w/o cracks - so it’s entirely possible.


Bump. Tom Kuhn Whistler Sold.


Received my PM? :smiley:

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