LF-Hitman X

I’m looking for a good condition(not cracked) Hitman X. Help me find it. Thank you. Pictures are for attention🙂



Hitman… no cracks?

That would be something wouldn’t it?

Even if by a miracle, you found one with no cracks, it would only have no cracks at that point in time. It may just be waiting until you’ve given it a new home. Then it will happily crack away.

How do I know? Possibly because I have around 20+ hitman.

I will check them when I get home tonight. I have so many hitman they are at three different houses, lol.

I will look. I haven’t seen a miracle lately. But I know they happen. They talk about it at church sometimes. I don’t know how often they talk about it at church because I don’t go to church anymore.

How much approximately are you willing to pay for a miracle? I should note, that I have dealt with over the years recognizes that I don’t hold yo-yo hostage for big bucks. Two primary reasons first reason that’s not my game. Second reason I don’t need the money. And if there’s a third reason, it’s probably the first reason. I like to help people, find what they seek without going broke.

But at the same time, something else I discovered years ago. Is that sometimes people are looking for something Like it’s worth their life. And then when I hit them up and tell them I have one, the first thing they say is how cheap you sell it for? I’m not sure if that last part of that last sentence is grammarly correct, But that’s what they ask, lol.

So what would a no crack hitman in very good condition approximately be worth?


Hello Sir, I am a yoyojam collector from China, and I love the brand yoyojam very much. I just saw that you have more than 30 Hitmen in the text, would you like to give Hitman to me? My expected price is $70 each. Thank you

Sorry but I seldom ship outside the United States.

It really wouldn’t matter what you were willing to pay.

Good luck …

My shipping address is in CONUS

My shipping address is in CONUS