Hitman, Hybrid Hitman, and X-Convict

Hey guys, I used to be a heavy yo-yoer back in the day. Me and Samad were best buddies :slight_smile: After some years though, I have found a new hobby. So in an effort to get cash, I have decided to pass on my old relics. I am selling a Hitman, Hybrid Hitman, and an X-Convict. I hope someone is interested!

Hitman: Great condition, 1 or two nicks, SPEC bearing is what it was called I believe?

Hybrid Hitman: Good, i satined the sides in my modding days but it didnt mess with the balance, YYJ Stock

X-Convict: Great Condition, 1 or two nicks, One Drop bearing i think is what its called?

All ship with a fresh poly on them and a lubed bearing (the bearings are all in great shape btw)

Ok, so each is $25 flat. However, if you purchase them all together, i will throw in a bundle of 90+ poly strings all for $75. :smiley:

One more thing guys. This is my first time trading/selling so i am very cautions :confused: I require that the seller send money first. Im trustworthy though guys! Just ask Samad, Jayyo, any of the old guys, they know me :slight_smile: Thanks guys!

Ok, enough of me talking. Hope i get a buyer! Here are the pics :slight_smile:

If you all need more pics just PM! :smiley: