YoYoJam - Hitman Pro | YoYoSkills.com Review

The original Hitman design is older than my daughter. 2010 marks the 7th year anniversary of YoYoJam Hitman. When JD debuted the Hitman at the 2003 World Yo-Yo Contest, he not only won the 1a division, he completely revolutionized the tricks used in freestyles. The Hitman was an instant hit. This year at Worlds, YoYoJam made a controversial move and redesigned the Hitman. This upset quite a few people who considered the Hitman a modern day classic. With a new look, new specifications, and a big reputation to live up to, the Hitman Professional is very close to being released.
The original Hitman was the first yo-yo that I had purchased in what could be considered the Modern YoYoing era. It was the yo-yo I learned to bind with, it was the yo-yo I learned to arm grind with, and the yo-yo that I learned to Iron Whip with. The Hitman has a special place in my personal yo-yo history and I know that this history is shared with many other yoyoers. YoYoJam was very nice and sent me a 2010 Worlds Edition Hitman Professional. This week, I had the pleasure to run it through the YoYoSkills.com review session.

YoYoSkills.com Review of the YoYoJam Hitman

Another great review

Can’t wait till you review the northstar

Spot on. Beautiful as ever Chris.

My jaw hit the floor when I saw that schmoove ring YYJ put in it!!! I can’t wait to see what colors they are coming out w/ for this. Hands down the top yoyo on my list to get once it is out (besides the Duncan Raptor).