YoYoing Vs. Pokemon The Age Old War

Back in the late nineties yoyoing lost to pokemon time after time but both have evolved (no pun intended) so what will win a decade later? Watch these Vids of both and you decide





yoying in my eyes will always be on the top. unless somehow pokemon become real yoyoing is way cooler IMO. can you show off your own style in Pokemon other than showing the pokemon you prefer and the attaack you tought them?
yoyoing has so much variation where everybody can expresss they’re own way of what they like and how they like to play. Fast? Slow? Slacks? Whips? Hooks? Suicides? Little bit of everything?
the list could go on forever which makes yoyoing just so much better. another thing is the many yoyos you can buy and the variety. i bet we could go on all day talking about the great things of yoyoing…

YoYoing. No competition.

Never liked pokemon…


For the poll it said “You may select up to 2 options.” …There were only 2 options to select XD

Why in the world would you come to a yoyo forum and ask a stupid question like that?

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Yeah. Any pokemon fan is gonna say that pokemon will win and yoyo fans will say that yoyoing is gonna win.

You gotta ask random people (Which will probably say pokemon).

Wow thats a hard question to answer for me as i LOVE both! ( < Lots of emphasis there :D) SO i decide to pick both :stuck_out_tongue:

He’s right there.

Yo-yoing lost to Pokemon because it was the “new” thing. Yo-yoing has been around for nearly a century, while Pokemon only came around in 1996.

But I have to agree with YoYoBlaze. Yo-yoing has so much more flexibility than Pokemon. And it’s more expressive too.