Yoyoing in Isenseven's Kaleidoscope

(DOGS) #1

Was just watching this snowboarding film and, to my surprise, found some yoyoing. Luckily enough the full part was online on Isenseven’s channel so I can share it with you guys.

There’s quite a few camera tricks that make me absolutely positive that it’s not them throwing. They pulled it off well though.


That’s cool, especially since there was more than one style of yoyoing done. I just saw the new Superheroes of Stoke ski movie the other day, but unfortunately there was no yoyos involved. :frowning:


Thanks for sharing…I’m soon jealous of that powder in the beggining, we’re I am we don’t get stuff as nice as that :frowning:


agreed, i cant wait for the resorts to open near me


It’s so annoying caus the only good mountains are like 9 hours away from me :frowning: haha