Snow Day

I had a snow day today, which of course came with some time to kill. I hadn’t made a video in a good while, so I thought I might as well get to it. :smiley: Not too much great editing or anything, more of just a trick dump. Enjoy!

You have some really great tricks, and a really nice style where all your tricks “flow” well.

Those were some great technical and smooth tricks. Some of the smoothest I’ve seen in a while.

Thanks, both of you. :smiley:

Bump. ;D

That was really dope man!

Awesome job. I have been throwing for like a year now and can’t get anything to flow like that. :frowning:

Thanks everyone!

It comes with time and practice. If you just keep on playing, it’ll come. Trust me. :slight_smile:

Bump. :slight_smile:

Dude, these are really cool tricks. Digging just about all of them. You should tutorial some of them. I’d definitely be interested in learning

I could probably do that. Any tricks in the video in particular that you would want to learn?

Another bump. Probably one of the last.

Final bump.

Such flow……. I am with ckelly6891, tuts would be awesome. As for what tricks to make tuts for, any of them. Great job!

I’ll definitely consider doing it. Maybe I will make one soon. Thanks!