Yoyoing....has changed

Heh heh heh…mgs4 reference…

Anyways, why has yoyoing changed so much from 03-current day? For example:

JD is not blazing fast with his tricks, yet he still gets 1st place

But today, you HAVE to play fast to win. For example, take guy wright, he will never win with his slow, beautiful style. However, it seems the whole YYF team is moving at the speed of light. When I watch Yukki or Ando, I get a headache. Not because they are bad players, but because i cant follow the yoyo. Trying to keep up is impossible.

Why do we all have to play so fast now-a-days?

jensen kimmitt isn’t the fastest player ever yet he wins everything he goes to

I feel the same way.

JD won because he is JD. He is just that awesome. ;D Anyways, I truly don’t know why we have to go so fast. Well, it is string hits that gets points and wins contests. In my opinion, I truly believe there should be a another group to enter in 1A and even maybe 5A for who has the most creative tricks, flows well, and does the most risky stuff and nails it. Well, that is just what I think.

are you guys serious speed is only like a third of the competition the rest is showmanship, music integration, style and how well you perform your tricks

Let me introduce you to a word.

It’s pointwhoring.

Instead of going up and playing and having fun, people on the teams go up to get as many points as they can, this includes getting as many tricks in as they can. And eliminating tricks that aren’t technical enough, or that might cost them a point because it isn’t a seven minute combo. They want every point they can get to win. Not saying that point whoring is a thing to be ashamed of. I mean, when I compete, I go and have fun, which is why I placed fifth, to last. You can’t win without getting 100 string hits in three minutes. It’s just the norm now. I know what some of you will say… “John Ando”. Yeah, you’re right, he didn’t go 5000 mph. But he introduced tricks that had never been seen. He was original. He isn’t the WORST pointwhore.

Sorry to those of you who don’t see competitions this way, but that’s how I look at it. And no, I’m not calling out all of the YYF or YYJ team, I’m friends with some of those guys, great guys to meet and talk to. But when they go and compete, it’s different.

Again, sorry if you don’t see it this way, or like what I say, but that’s just my opinion


I say it’s all about a balanced player. Just because your fast doesn’t mean your the greatest yoyoer but it’s a tool to your arsenal of play. Originality, speed, accuracy etc combined gives yourself the
ability to achieve a unique style of yoyo play. That’s why JD won but yeah it’s come a long way since
then. lol same could be said about skateboarding/guitars/bmx/ well just about everything haha.

Exactly what I was going to say. :wink:

My dad tells me this all the time! Some people can get away with speed and others can’t. If you can handle speed like someone like Augie go for it, but if your style is slower and smoother like Guy (or me ;D ) stick with that.

Guy Wright+ JD=

Please keep the video content to all ages appropriate. Thanks!

Those play styles together is like a boss

Are you, in any way, related to Ibanezcollector?

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Well it’s the only way to put it.
I hate it when people get P-O.ed because of it. Go have fun. That’s the best advice to give.

There is so much false information in this thread… I hope to clear some up. Heck, even some of my information may not be 100% accurate, but I’m going off of what I have gotten from talking to judges.

No, it isn’t. Showmanship is a small part of competition, and music integration isn’t all that important. Many judges don’t often look for showmanship in preliminaries, so much as originality and string hits.
And sorry Q, but you had a lot of false info.

I’m going to go in order from the bolded parts in the text.

  1. Even if a trick isn’t technical, people don’t necessarily throw them out. From talking to Anthony Rojas and Brian Calbido (Glasseye), judges often actually look for a variety of tricks.
  2. Look at John Ando’s 2008 Worlds Freestyle. Yes, he had quite a few string hits, but not as much as many other players. Yet, he still won. However, John Ando is the subject of my next point.
  3. Many of these tricks had been seen, in a sense. He wasn’t actually original. Body tricks were around since the old-school days, something a lot of people don’t know.

So I hoped that shed some light on stuff.

Thanks for clearing that up for everyone Samad

Buddha, don’t jump on the samad train like you were sitting back criticizing.

And Samad, don’t be sorry, I was just making my point about pointwhoring, and how I feel about it. You felt that info needed to be corrected, so correct it and don’t be sorry. Most of it was my opinion about hwat I see pointwhoring to be.


Choo chooooo

Which was exactly what I had envisioned.

I miss freestyles as such.