Yoyofficer orbis

What do you guys know about the yoyofficer orbis?

I have one, it’s great. It’s a very interesting yoyo, it’s around 64 grams and feels as such. However, it doesn’t play as fast as other 64 gram yoyos i’ve thrown (2sick queen, 3yo3 ceephax). That’s not to say it’s slow though, just not a speed demon. I haven’t been able to put mine down since I got it.

Cool. what about the width? Being 46mm, is it too wide to maneuver easily? Also, how is the fit and finish? Just curious since Yoyofficer is a relatively new company to the market…

While it is the widest yoyo I own, I don’t think it’s wide enough to interfere with play. I haven’t had any issues.

The Orbis is bead blasted but it seems to be a lighter bead blast than others I’ve felt. It grinds great though. It has a pretty tight bearing seat so owning a 1/4 drill bit or multi-tool is a must.

Really the only thing I didn’t like about the Orbis was the pads. I didn’t like them on my Lava either, they are overly grippy compared to silicone or one drop pads it seems.