YoYofficer Orbis: A High Speed YoYo Review

YoYofficer is back with their latest release, the Orbis. For this release YoYofficer went back to the people they trust most, their team, to come up with a new design that meets the needs of the yo-yo community. They also reached to the pros to gather feedback for the shape and overall design. In the end they believe “The specifications meets today‘s standards for competition throws, with almost full-size diameter and more width. We really focused on weight distribution, to achieve lower weight for better feel and faster play, while keeping good stability and spin time” Now it is time to see if this company that has dedicated itself to high performance, low cost yo-yos has come up with another hit.

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That answers the one question I had with the Orbis. I was worried that the light weight (64g) would make the spin time suffer. Sounds like there’s no worries there. Guess I’ll have to buy one now. Slow, steady, and lots of spin time is exactly what I like.

Also, I always throw out the bearing/pads on yoyofficer. I kind of think they should just sell them without the bearing/pads and make their yoyos even cheaper.

Great review as always. Your review just made my decision to get the orbis set in stone! It looks and sounds like it will fit my style and preferences perfect! Thanks again! ;D

Hmm. I thought the 64 gram mass would make this a speedy yoyo. Guess you can’t judge a book by its specs.