YoYofficer Kilter Review


I haven’t seen any reviews on the Kilter and I thought it was a really great yoyo for the price so I decided to do a review on it. Was too lazy to type one up so decided to do my first video review. :slight_smile:



I’m too lazy to watch video reviews for the most part.


Very informative.


YYE takes out all knock off concave bearing from yoyo’s like yoyofficer, godtrick, shinwoo(?), yoyojoker, and yoyoskeel


With the latest YYO releases, they have one that’s more like a Center Trac, and I believe those get to stay in.


I wish they sold the Nifty on YYE, that’s the one I’m really looking at right now, but Lava and Hatchet looks cool too.

As for YYE swapping out the bearings, it’s not a problem but the bearing they put in isn’t very good ::slight_smile: maybe it just needs a cleaning, I haven’t done it yet.


Me too lol