YoYoFactory SuperNova Video

www.yoyofactory.com presents the Supernova for Tyler Severance. Released December 2010 the Supernova is a high performance yoyo created from 7075 grade alloy. This video was filmed in Japan and features 2007 World champion Tyler Severance and 2008 World Champion John Ando with a guest appearance by 2000 USA Champion Jason Lee.

I love ando’s style

Cody u r always on top of things man ^^
dud we should chill seriously
i live in richmond Va
anyways back to the topic at hand.
this is like my 5th time watching it. too amazing…
hi i’m johnny Le and two things in life that i can’t do is

  • not procrastinate
  • at the moment do horizontal play well

10th time watching that video. Man do I love it and Tyler’s tricks!

yeh, that was a pretty dope video. love the “hook finger” repeater that Ando does.

Best official YYF vid I’ve seen in quite a bit of time
Not including Worlds footage of course :wink:

Yeah, I think this is the best Video YoYoFactory has Ever Made! Well, In my Opinion. :smiley:

100 times i have seen it! I now have 2 things in common with Tyler also Best video!

It was a good video, though I think Jason Lee had the coolest combo in the entire video. Jason Lee=Epic Winsauce. 'nuff said.

Saving up for this yoyo… I have 2 of 3 of Tyler’s YYF Yoyos. :stuck_out_tongue: