YoyoFactory Should...

Have made a special edition 888 called the 121212. That would be awesome.

another 888?

Yoyofactoryben said they won’t be doing another 888 for a while…

Like the 888 +4???

888 + 444? 888x1.5? lol math yoyos.

I think he means because of today’s date…


I guess it depends on how you parse it!!! :smiley:

The yoyofactory 888x136.5

well it’s way too late to do it now. and I’m sick of the 12/12/12 thing already. can’t wait for tomorrow though :wink:

I think more people would buy the 888 if they just went back to the OG 2007 design. That thing is a joy to play. Sell 'em with stacks off, if the buyer wants them with it, purchase them separately. Then they could lower the price of the 888 just slightly encouraging more people to buy it because of the price. Who doesn’t like a good deal?


Protostar II!

Delrin/Celcon with Brass/Nickel/Titanium rings (1 ring or two)?

There has to be a sequel to this model.

It seems kind of funny that is what I meant, and it seems nobody understood…

This. :smiley:

First they would have to discontinue it, some time in the future. People will beg them to bring it back. Then when they do bring it back, they’ll buy it up like CANDY.

Hmmmm, I thunk I gotz it. Maybe da rest’a deeze guyz wuz too slow doh!!!

I’ve always thought of the Northstar as being like a Protostar II.


Id like to see another run of catch 22’s or take that concept and give the supernova or genesis titanium rims. Maybe yoyofactory could look into making 1 all-titanium model. Id also like to see hubstacks with different weights (kind of like onedrop side effects).

Also, I have a feeling that the buddha king is coming back, in some shape. C3 beat the world record for longest sleeper. I don’t think YYF is going to live that down.

OG 888, that would be awesome. Some things are good to experiment with, but are best left the way they were originally created, in the end.