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There has been a lot of buzz surrounding the Protostar. As former World Champion John Ando’s signature model, the yo-yo has a lot to live up to. It has been used in competition by big names. It is one of the best selling high end plastics ever released, and in no small terms, the hype surrounding this yo-yo is huge. The real question I had going into this review, was if it was indeed worthy of the hype. Shortly after the last Worlds contest, Bird In Hand had an early model of the Protostar. The prototype I tried… I disliked almost everything about it. I even refused to review it. Then something changed. YoYoFactory went back to the drawing board and refined a bunch of minor things and suddenly the Protostar was the play of choice by many players. This yo-yo was gaining popularity faster than Velcro shoes. I was curious; what changed? I had to find out.

Find out what I found out. (and a video) at YoYoSkills.com

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As always, nice review !

best review ever!!!

i will definitely get one now!

thanks chris!!!