YoYoFactory C-13 FT!!!!!

In my quest for the perfect yoyo I’ve traded alot… I recently traded my GM2 for James’ C-13… Great yoyo… I mean GREAT yoyo… So much fun and a great shape. Im realizing undersized yoyos aren’t my thing. I still want to try a rounded undersized yoyo to be sure… So Im trading it. If you look at the post below this there are pictures… Its still in the same condition but if you really want fresh/new pics I can get em for you…

What I want
Bully <-----Really really want a Bully
Envy 64
DNA <-----Really really want
888 (X or otherwise) <-----Really really want
HATrick <-----Really really want

Make other offers too… Just no money!! I only want to trade…

PM me please!!

I will also trade this for an Augie Fash ed. G5+

Here is that C-13 we talked about in PM’s. And like I said, none effect play and you can hardly feel the marks. You have to seriosly search the yoyo for the marks. It is smooth! And my friend got it at the BLC. And under the weight rings I put on (which are removeable) Are some painting or whatever little flaws. But he asked Ben about it and he said those were hard to do and all of them came like that. I dosn’t really matter. You can’t really see them with the weight rings on. And all the little stuff you see in the pics I didn’t point out are all little specs of dust. Scince it is black it highlights all the dust on it. Lol I haven’t played with it in a while! :smiley: Please PM me either way! :slight_smile:

-James Reed

how about a sili’ed big deal?

No thanks… Thanks for the offer though…