YoyoFactory - Avant Garde 2 - Blue Bombsquad Edtion

As you know, The Splash Game includes unique engravings on either side of the yo-yo. Which engraving looks better, left or right? Vote in the poll above, or comment your vote:

AvantGarde2 by TotalArtist Yoyos, on Flickr

I chose left because the simplicity adds to the clean look of the yoyo. That thing looks slick!

Is that for sale… SO many pretty throws you got TA…

Thanks guys. I have a love for dark blue yo-yos. Aside from the YoyoExpert Editions, I really love them. And, this one has the cool engravings, so I couldn’t resist. I put a vote in for the left side…also for reason of simplicity. It stands out a lot better to me. :wink:

The left side looks the best because it gives a good look to the yoyo overall.

I like right.

Left - I’m partial to nice simple and clean minimalist logos and this suits it nicely!

RIGHT! Bombsquad logo is AWESOME.