YoyoFactory - 888 - Vendetta Ano'ed

Which side of this black, red, white '09 888 looks better? Vote in the poll above, or comment:

888 by TotalArtist Yoyos, on Flickr


what an absolutely gorgeous yoyo.

I vote Right, I’m a sucker for a few long pieces of splash, like the vertical white drip against the horizontal reds.

Interesting that these were dead even yesterday, but left just pulled ahead. I like them both actually, in different ways. I chose left, because I had to choose, even if it’s just by a bit. On Instagram, this one scored with the left ahead too:

11 left
2 right
1 even

There is really no “even” in this game, but it means someone indicated in the comments they could not choose.

Left for pretty much the exact opposite reason of Navythrow. I strongly prefer tiny splatter splash all over as opposed to long drips of splash. Although the drips on this 888 are not offensive at all and look quite nice, I still gotta go with the left for having plenty of red and white splash.

Great looking 888, there have been some really talented yoyo artists in the community over the years. I wish there was an active ano guy/gal that was on par with Vendetta/jwz/spottedbanana, would love another custom blast/ano yoyo. Bob’s work is incredible and PC seems to surpass ano in some ways but as a whole I still prefer ano.